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Shawl Update

Because you needed one:

color affection shawl in progress
color affection shawl in progress

I’m about halfway through the second section of my new Color Affection shawl. I’m making friends with the green now, which I think I knew I would. I always have to second-guess myself about something. But, I think this one will work out fine.

This shawl so far seems to be going a lot faster than the last one. I am glad of that; I think it would drive me crazy to spend another 7 months with this pattern. I’ve been thinking lately that it’s been a while since I’ve done any hats. How can that be, when I’m the one constantly telling people that hats are my favorite thing to knit? Have I been lying to myself on that point?

And blankets! One thing i miss about not being able to crochet anymore is making blankets. For some reason, knitted blankets seem to take so much longer and I can’t get into them the same way my crocheted afghans used to keep me entertained. I used to have delusions that every sofa and bed in this house would be covered in handmade afghans. I can’t sew, and there are no heirloom quilts in my family. And for all the crocheting that my one grandmother did, I can’t believe that somehow, there are none of her afghans in this house. I managed to get some dish towels and a few Christmas decorations, and even a baby layette that had been mine. But no afghans. In the early 90s I made a bunch of afghans and gave them as gifts to people. But I never made one for myself. So, I think I’ll search Ravelry for some quick, but interesting afghan ideas.

I hope that me thinking so far ahead after this shawl isn’t a bad sign. It usually is. Sigh.

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