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Knitting for the Totally Obsessed

As if I don’t already have enough stuff on my needles, I had to cast on another thing:

Lots of stitches cast on to the knitting needles, among a pile of small balls of yarn
Mini Mania scarf

This is the beginnings of the Mini Mania scarf by Sarah Core. It is the answer to what to do with all of the little leftover bits of yarn, when you only have enough left for a row or two, and yet, you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. Even small amounts of yarn are good for something, right? Yeah, they are.

So I started casting on about a week ago. I do hate that part of any project, and tend to pick ones that start by only casting on a handful of stitches and growing from there. But if I were going to do this project, I wanted to do it BIG, so I cast on somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 stitches. I say “somewhere” because even with using a counting device I think I forgot to push the button a few times, so there may, in fact be MORE than 600 stitches.

Yes, I think I’ve lost my mind. And I am pretty sure this project will take years to complete. But it can be a “go-to” project when everything else I’m working on bores me. This would probably bore me, too, except I’ll be changing yarns every couple of rows. So, we shall see. I imagine only periodic photos of this bit of knitting insanity will appear, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them! At the same time, wish me luck. I would actually like to have this finished someday.

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  1. Leslie Avatar

    I’ve seen these before and you know what? You’ve given me a great idea for a project to take to knitting on Wednesday. I can’t take the sweater I’m making right now because it’s a surprise project for one of the Wednesday ladies. AND it will help get rid of those dribs and drabs. Thanks for the idea.

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