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The Knitting Goes On…

I’ve been making slow but steady progress on my Color Affection shawl:

r Affection Shawl Progress
Color Affection Shawl Progress
eup of Color Affection Shawl
Closeup of Color Affection Shawl

I’m concerned that the shawl seems very wide but not too deep so far. I hope that when it’s all done that it’s big and snuggly. I suppose if needed I could make the border section wider. The shawl is intended to be a gift, and I want it to be a big, warm hug to the recipient.

I am very pleased with the yarn. It is Dream in Color Starry, which is the same as Smooshy yarn, I think, except that there is a tiny silver thread running through it. I like that this shawl is going to have a little bling.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting at least a little bit bored. I’m at that stage in the knitting where it feels like I’m doing an awful lot of knitting but not making a lot of progress. And, it doesn’t help that the rows are sooooo wide now. I’m dying to make something else, like a simple hat or a scarf, but I know that if I stop now, this would just land on my huge pile of already abandoned projects. So, I will knit on. I am determined that this project will be finished and delivered. Wish me luck to keep going…

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