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Breakfast Stealer

Lately I’ve had to eat my breakfast while sitting in the very center of the kitchen floor, about as far away from the kitchen table as I can get. It seems that my kitten, Miss Bonny-boo, has decided that she would rather share my Greek yogurt, rather than munch her kitten chow. This morning I caught her trying to pull the foil lid from the container back out of the trash can, and then she considered taking a flying leap from the edge of the kitchen table to my lap, in the center of the room. Luckily, she abandoned that idea.I wonder if the yogurt smells like the kitten formula she used to get in a bottle. Finally she gave up, and I was able to finish my breakfast. Now, her brother Clyde is asleep on my desk as I start my work day. Yes, I’d probably rather have my yogurt to myself in the mornings, but if it meant not having my kittens instead, I think I’ll just keep repeating my evasive, yogurt-preserving maneuvers. Hey, at least my breakfast isn’t boring!

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