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It seems that I am a bit of a grumpy-wumpus today.  I am exhausted, and everything from the tips of my spiked hair to the ends of my toes seems to hurt. Maybe it’s this nasty rain we’re having, or this crazy weather where it’s winter one day and summer the next. My joints are throbbing and my head hurts, and if I thought it would do me any good at all to go to bed right now, I would. But laying down hurts worst of all, and besides, my stupid, middle-aged-woman’s bladder would have me back up in an hour anyway.

Thanks for letting me whine.  You may now resume your regularly-scheduled, pleasant evening. That is all.

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  1. Marty Avatar

    Just don’t get that flu! Grandson (7 years old) ended up with pneumonia from it, his mom got bronchitis, his sister got it and so did I. They all had had flu shots too, so be very careful.

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