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Going in Circles

crocheted circle in progress
crocheted circle in progress
Back before I was a knitter, I once attended a craft fair with my mom. There was a lady there who was selling crocheted hats. I bought this adorable little bowler style hat, with the idea in mind that I would replicate it. It’s sadly misshapen these days, but I still love it. In concept, it’s one of my favorites.

Sadly, not long after this, I stopped crocheting in favor of knitting. I had hurt my hands badly with the twisting motion of crochet, and learned to knit instead. But for some reason, the desire to crochet has never left me. I’ve been trying multiple styles of “ergonomic” crochet hooks, and I’m finding that I can crochet, as long as I only do it in short bursts and take frequent breaks. So, yay for that!

The original hat starts with a circle. Easy enough, right? Apparently that part of crochet wasn’t coming back to me so easily. I don’t know how many times I started this project, over and over, but the counts were wrong. Now, they’re finally on track. So, I think I’m on my way!

The other thing about the original hat was that it was made from cheap acrylic yarn, held doubled, on a hook much smaller than usually required for that thickness of yarn. This is critical for the hat to keep it’s well-defined shape. So I’m using a worsted acrylic, double-stranded, on a size G hook. This hat will be able to stand up on its own.

So, what you’re seeing here is just a beginning. But, I think I’m on my way. Hopefully this won’t take long! I want to wear this hat THIS winter. Wish me luck!

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  1. Beth Avatar

    How is this coming? Have you finished it? Good luck.

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