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I’m Here…

knit hat in progress
knit hat in progress
I’m back. I’ve probably lost all of my readers by now, but not even I imagined that I would be gone this long. So sorry about that! My computer died early in December. Not just a little bit. It died. Big Time. I lost my motherboard and hard drive, all in one fell swoop. Then there was the problem of the system restore disks not working, waiting for another set from the manufacturer, only to have those system restore disks also not work, etc. Turns out my computer came back to me with the hard drive unplugged. And nobody checked the guts of the computer before giving it back to me, just to make sure everything was plugged in. So, I took it back, and they fixed it, finally, but in the end I was without a computer for a whole month. Then there were the weeks involved in re-setting up the computer the way I like it, and we’re almost there, so I’m here. Here. Phew. At last.

With all of that, there has been only minimal knitting going on here. I’m going back and forth between several small projects at the moment, and having a really hard time staying focused on just one thing. I’m working on a hat. It looks a lot like a hat I made more than two years ago and gave to a friend. That hat would have been too small for me and I knew my friend would like it, so it seemed to make sense at the time. Problem was, I really loved that yarn colorway (Noro Kureyon, #188, if you’re curious), so earlier this year I bought 10 skeins. Now I have enough for a hat, a matching scarf, and mittens. The hat is just a basic top down bowler hat. I want to knit it deep enough to cover the tops of my ears, and then flare out a bit with a rolled brim. Hopefully it will be cute!

Of course, as I mentioned, I’ve been working on several small projects, which I will save for other blog posts, but that means a hat which should have taken me only a couple of weeks to complete has taken a couple of months instead. Hopefully by the time next winter comes, I’ll have a new hat, mitten and scarf set in my favorite colorway of Kureyon.

The thing I found most interesting about my blogging hiatus is how intertwined with my knitting it actually is. There were days when I thought I can’t knit, because I can’t access my blog to write about it. Then, other days it was the opposite. I can’t blog, because I haven’t knit much and so it would be a slow news day. Wow. It seems like if one went south, both did. And so now, I’m trying to get back on track. I hope someone’s still out there reading, and will let me know that I’m not just writing in a vacuum. Not that I shouldn’t be happy to just write for myself, but to me, I guess that’s the difference between a journal and a blog. I wouldn’t be publishing if I weren’t hoping that someone is reading!

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Now maybe I can get back to some mega-knitting adventures. Yippee!

Until next time…

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  1. Tammy Avatar

    Welcome back! Hope to see you Saturday. 🙂

  2. Leslie Avatar

    Hi Trish! I am glad you got your computer up and running again. I do check in to see how you are are doing from time-to-time so you are not in a vacuum.

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