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And So It Begins…

And so it begins… the 2010 Holiday Crunch.

Before it gets too crazy, or too weird, or too insane to enjoy it all, I’d like to take you back. Back to a time when for me, and my family? It was about enjoying the season for what it was. A time of peace, joy, and love… as seen through the eyes of a child.

When my daughter was not quite 3 years old, she asked for the first time for her Christmas wish: a pink, triangle napkin holder. A what, you ask? A napkin holder. Triangle shaped. For her play kitchen that she had received the previous year. The fact that such an object did not exist was of little consequence to her; Santa would make one, of course.

Hoping to catch that request on video, I’m sure, my husband broke out the camera. And, well, two-year-old girls are fickle. On this day, a pink present was just about good enough.

I submit the following for your enjoyment:

The napkin holder? Miracle of miracles, Santa came through. (You knew he would, didn’t you?)

There’s nothing that Santa can’t make out of wood, don’tcha know.

It was my favorite Christmas. Ever.

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  1. Denise Avatar

    She’s so cute. I miss the Christmases when my kids were little.

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