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Not Exactly Like Riding a Bike

Long before I was a knitter, I was a crocheter. I think I have always loved yarn. But, back in 2003, when my niece was born, I crocheted an afghan for her and was in so much pain when I was done, that I pretty much decided that my crocheting days were over. Except maybe for a little bit of trim here and there, maybe, I was done.

Of course it didn’t take me long to figure out that I missed playing with yarn. So I became determined to learn to knit, and by 2004 I was already starting to blog about it.

But then last week, someone asked me to contribute a couple of afghan squares to a project. I could, of course, have knitted them, but the squares are in memory of an avid crocheter. So, in this case, it didn’t seem right to knit.

I had recently purchased the Soft Touch Crochet Hook Gift Set from Knit Picks, because I figured that of all the crochet hooks in the world, these would be easiest for me to handle. I’m still not planning to ever crochet an entire bedspread or cabled and bobbled baby blanket, but every knitter needs a set of crochet hooks handy, right?

So, I thought, squares are small enough, I can probably do them without causing too much stress on the hand. So, I picked up a hook and some yarn, made a slip knot, and chained and joined to make a circle, then began. I got to the end of the first round, and froze. I couldn’t remember how to join and keep going, in a way that wasn’t making my square look lop-sided. Luckily, I found this video:

And even with this, I had to watch three times, and then bring my yarn to the computer and crochet along with the demonstration to get it right. But, I think I finally did! And look:

my little crocheted square
my little crocheted square

I think I’m going to insert occasional rounds of a contrasting color in single crochet, just so it’s not too boring, and then the other one will be more girlie, and maybe I’ll even knit that one, or at least partially. I’m thinking of trying my hand with double knitting, and doing hearts. Or maybe I’ll make a quick heart a la Elizabeth Zimmermann and apply it to a square. I don’t know yet. Wish me luck with the deciding!

Ciao for now… and let’s hope this is finally a return to more regular blogging.

(Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you.)

Of course, I have another project in progress, the “secret project,” which is still progressing, albeit slowly. I promise a photo of that later this week. For now, I have a couple of squares to finish. Wish me luck.

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