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Meet the Day Family

This week is Spring Break for my kids. They’ve had fun, and they’ve had their share of squabbles. And come Monday, it’ll all be over, and back to normal routines of school, homework, and more reasonable bedtimes.

Luckily, my son is rarely bored. We’re constantly after him to keep his Legos picked up, and most of the time it’s a losing battle. Our living room carpet is literally a sea of plastic bits that probably came from some Star Wars themed fighting ship, and are always poised to be transformed into something else every day.

Well, today, he surprised us with this. Meet the Day Family!

The Day Family in Legos
The Day Family in Legos

Left to right are Steven, Diana, John and Trish. Aren’t we a good looking bunch?

I am especially tickled with the detail and time he took with LegoTrish.


This is me, in my wheelchair, which he custom made. In my hands I am doing some sort of needlework, which was another touch he thought of by himself. (“Sorry, mommy, I could only find one knitting needle!”)

We’ve always taught our kids that my wheelchair is a part of me, and that it is not something which is a hindrance, but a tool that makes it possible for me to participate in life. I am their mom, and I just happen to be in a wheelchair. It’s not big news at our house, but it is such an integrated part of who I am that with every picture my kids have ever drawn of me, it is obvious that I am in a wheelchair.

So, it would be only right that the Lego Family would have a mom in a wheelchair, too… even if Lego wheelchairs don’t exist and 8-year-old boys have to stick them together with odd bits and pieces. And he did a pretty darn good job, too! Here’s a side view, for you wheelchair geeks.

LegoTrish side view
LegoTrish side view

Not bad, eh?

5 responses to “Meet the Day Family”

  1. mzundercover Avatar

    That is SO AWESOME!

  2. inkberryblue Avatar

    He’s a creative boy…I lot like his mother by the look of things!
    Sweet. =)

  3. inkberryblue Avatar

    Sorry, I meant, of course, a lot like his mother.
    Silly me. =P

  4. Tiaree Avatar

    I think Mom Trish is terrific. I think you should email the picture and your comments to Lego. I’m sure they would appreciate his creativity!

  5. Holly Avatar

    Bright, smart kid. Engineer in the making! Who said that kids need things done for them when they can use both their imaginations and hand skills.

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