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Gray Monday Afternoon Ramblings at the Kitchen Table

Interweave Knits Weekend, Special Edition
Interweave Knits Weekend, Special Edition
I finally scored a copy of Interweave Knits Weekend. Wasn’t it supposed to be coming out on September 15? I had pretty much assumed that it must have come and gone from my local bookstores, as I had been diligently scouring the bookstores in town for weeks. Then yesterday I pop into Barnes&Noble on a whim, and there it is.

It’s full of casual, relaxed clothing that is comfortable and wearable. And not only that, most of the projects are the sort of knits that have just enough challenge to keep your interest, but not so much that your brain explodes. (This is a major plus in my book.)

My favorite pattern is the Autumn Vines Cardigan (here’s a Ravelry link for you.) It’s a sweater with sort of loose, billowy fronts, with cables. Also I love the Provence cloche. Unfortunately, it’s probably not a good style for my bowling-ball head so I’ll have to find someone skinny to knit it for.

Knitting has been slow around here. I haven’t really touched my elephant project except for a few more rows on the trunk. It’s about done now, I think—only one more row, then it will be time to pick up stitches on the body. For some reason I’m stalled at this point. I’m starting to wonder if I have a subconscious fear of this next step. I’m not aware that I’m afraid, and yet, I haven’t done it yet.

I’ve done a few more rows on my Lifestyle Top Down Hat, and have begun what will be a fairly large ribbed section. Then that one will be finally done. Then I have Jennifer’s pink scarf to get done .The weather must be getting chilly in Michigan by now .I should hurry up and finish it! Then I need to hurry up and get going on some boot toppers for me .It’s fall now and I haven’t made any for myself yet. I do have a bunch of different shades of Cascade 220 yarn just for this purpose, plus a super-cute pair of Dr. Marten’s ankle boots. Now I just need to find myself the perfect Aran sweater to go with my fantasy fall ensemble. (Sigh… I don’t think traditional cabled knits are “in” this year. I’ve been looking, and they’re hard to find. Especially in my size. Maybe I should get the hint?)

Fall is definitely in the air here now. It’s gray and chilly outside, and today was truly the first day that I didn’t feel too hot for wearing a sweatshirt. I had not intended to cook dinner tonight and instead opt for something along the “eat leftovers or make yourself a sandwich” genre, but then the urge hit me for spaghetti sauce. A nice, steamy pot in the house on a gray, chilly fall day. Ahhh… that’s good..

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  1. Jen Avatar

    I was just introduced to Connie Chang Chinchio’s designs today, and there’s a lot there to love. I certainly appreciate that she includes plus sizing in her patterns!

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