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Biggest Group Meetup EVER!

Saturday September 12 was a big day for the Bowie Knitters. A really BIG day. It was our biggest group session ever. We had a really long table strung together, and we still ran out of room! I couldn’t even get everyone’s picture. It was crazy fun.

The word is getting out about us. We had lots of new visitors to our group, and everyone was a real delight to get to know. I hope they’ll all be back!

As usual, to see a bigger version of the photo, please click on the thumbnail!

You know, I never imagined when I started my little once a month knit group that it would ever take off like this. I almost got overwhelmed when I looked around me and realized how many wonderful new friends I’ve made over the last year or so. This has been a real blessing for me personally. It sure has changed my life for the better to be in such good company.

Uh oh. My power is flickering. I’d better finish this post before it evaporates. More knitting news tomorrow… I promise!

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2 responses to “Biggest Group Meetup EVER!”

  1. dina Avatar

    Trish, I feel the same about “your” group! Getting out and meeting talented, amazing women who all share an interest in knitting has really changed and enriched my life in many ways. I really feel blessed to have met all the new women I’ve met. So, my thanks, for starting your little group!

  2. Marty Avatar

    Gotta get me a group like yours! I did take my laptop to my coffee date today and introduced my friend to blogging-hope I didn’t create a Frankenstein!

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