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Knit Happy!

It’s late, especially today, but I just wanted to share this before bed:

Knit Happy mug
Knit Happy mug

I got this adorable mug from Knitting Today earlier this week. In fact, I got several of them. They come in six colors, and of course I picked purple to show you. I don’t plan on using the mug for tea; I plan on keeping one on my desk at home, one on my desk at work, and giving the other three as gifts. The little sheep is adorable, and I love the saying on the front, “Knit Happy.”

The ironic thing is that I don’t feel like I’ve been knitting happy at all lately. I’m surrounded by yarn and a plethora of patterns and books, and everything is all neat and organized and I can actually see what I’ve got now. Except that now that it’s all neatly put away it’s like I don’t want to touch it. I wish I could just dump all my yarn out all around me and go diving for something fun. While I’m great at making the kind of mess something like that would involve, I’m not so good at putting it all away without help. So in the boxes it stays, and at times I think I forget what I have.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and go to my trusty box of Cascade 220, and ball up some yarn and knit a hat. Hats used to make me knit happy. But you know what? I haven’t made a hat in a looong time. Maybe that’s the cure. The hat I’m dying to make most is Vivian, by Lisa Cruse. The showier, the better. Big hat, huge flowers.

Or, cables? I have a fabulous pattern for a cabled scarf that came with some cashmere I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The cable pattern looks pretty complex, so I told myself I should practice it on something else before tackling the cashmere.

Or, Girasole? I know I mention that project a lot. But one advantage to that one is that the alpaca yarn I have for it is right behind me in my active projects bin, waiting. Maybe I should just cast on for that.

Tomorrow is an interim meeting of my knitting group. Our official meeting isn’t until September 12, but lots of folks have been itching to get together and knit. I’m going, and I guess I better decide by tomorrow what I’m going to knit.

Wish me luck deciding! I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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Listen to this article

4 responses to “Knit Happy!”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Cast on! Cast on! Cast on! Something, anything! 🙂 I really think it’ll help. I was starting to get bored with Lexie’s cardigan, although I’m still loving it, so I cast on for something else and have been knitting merrily away again. I have to have project polygamy to be happy. 🙂

  2. Marty Avatar

    Starting is the hardest part. Just dive in!

  3. Andrea Avatar

    I was sitting up late and browsing knitting blogs that I follow. Was looking for some inspiration and came across your mug! Too cute! Made me smile and remember why I love to knit! Thanks for the late night inspiartion!

  4. Andrea Avatar

    And…I just ordered 2 mugs! LOL!!!

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