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Happy Birthday, DH!

My DH is tolerant, in fact, fully supportive, of my knitting habit. Frequently I’ll find a knitting bag for my birthday or a needle set under the Christmas tree. But, you see… he’s not a wearer of knitwear. He doesn’t wear hats, unless he’s shoveling snow. Never a scarf or mittens. And sweaters? Forget about it. A couple years ago when we remodeled the bedroom we took every last one of them to Goodwill. (Well, except for a lovely cabled cardigan which I kept for myself!)

So, I’ve never knit him anything. Until now:

knit birthday card
knit birthday card

Ok, it’s small, but it’s the thought that counts! I love making knitted do-dads for note cards. and this, I guess, is my first stab at a birthday card. It just takes a few minutes of knitting and some card stock and glue…

Anyway, we have a fun day planned. I’m taking DH to see the Star Trek movie this afternoon and then we’re having dinner out. No kids. How cool is that?

Happy birthday to my DH! Gotta run for now…

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Listen to this article

4 responses to “Happy Birthday, DH!”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Adorable! Even my husband thinks it’s cute. And he’d love that birthday gift…the Star Trek movie…no kids…

  2. Lindsay Avatar

    I love the layout of your blog.

    And I’ve never considered a knitted card 🙂 Cute!

  3. AndreaInBlue Avatar

    What a fabulous idea! So cute!

  4. knittyknatty Avatar

    Nice card! There’s a store near where I live that was selling cards similar to yours…

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