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Spring Knitters

Today was the monthly meeting of the Bowie Borders Knitting group. We met a week later than usual, because most of us attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend. There was much new fiber and yarn to look at, plus some new books. And tales of rain, and muck, and mud. Lots of mud.

Happily, today we were all dried and sunny, and enjoyed a good time in the cafe, sipping yummy concoctions (we were about split on cold versus hot, but it’s that time of year). And knitting and crocheting. It’s always about the yarn, and the amazing things that we all find to do with it.

Here are some shots from today’s gathering. As usual, click to embiggen.

We were happy to welcome Heather’s sister, Jennifer, whose husband is a marine and between assignments. Hopefully we’ll get to see her again before she heads off to Chile! We really enjoyed meeting and spending time with her. Also a first timer today was Amber. I hope she’ll be joining us regularly because she seemed to fit right in as if she had been with us all along. (Our group is like that; everyone is always welcome and it’s easy to feel right at home.)

Dina was also there and working on a lovely mobius cowl with her Kauni yarn. (I have some marinating in my stash, too. The rainbow colorway. For That Cardigan. Someday.)

It was also great to see Jo again after such a long winter break. As usual, I was sad to leave. I’m already looking forward to next month!

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3 responses to “Spring Knitters”

  1. Trish Avatar

    You have a great site with great projects! I love your cable scarf in the changing pictures at the top of your blog – wow! keep up the great inspiration! (from one knitting Trish to an other!)

  2. molinda Avatar

    I believe that a wonderful time was had by all. I was excited about seeking everyone, and especially enjoyed looking at the purchases that were made by those who attended the Sheep & Wool Fest last week — so nice! Our group is really growing, too.

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Yay! I’m an internet celebrity! Thanks for posting this. I am going to put a link to it from my blog…

    I’m also glad you posted because now I can study the pics and I’ll be able to remember names for next time : )

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