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(SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy)

I think I’m there. One of the other boxes that came this past week was from Webs, and you see, well, they’re having a huge sale on Cascade 220, and that is a weakness of mine, and, well… look:

Cascade 220 in various colors (photo by Diana)
Cascade 220 in various colors (photo by Diana)

I got a bunch of single skeins in lots of different colors. Some of the things I’m planning to do with them include:

In short I guess there are lots of things I could do with so many colors. I like collecting large amounts of many colors. It allows my creativity to flow!

dark eggplant colored yarn
dark eggplant colored yarn
Also in the box was a sweater’s worth of eggplant-colored yarn for a sweater for me (someday). Did I mention that this yarn was on a HUGE sale? I felt like it was a good opportunity to get this yarn at such a good price. I have a fantasy of someday having a yarn room with a whole wall of shelves full of yarn in many colors. I think I’m on my way there…

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

2 responses to “SABLE?”

  1. Jen Avatar

    (sigh)…No one ever tells me about the good sales in time… 😉

  2. Daniele Avatar

    I told my husband (while we were driving home from work the other day) that I thought I had about three years worth of knitting saved-up if I had to guess. He almost made me get out of the car. 🙂 Hee Hee S.A.B.L.E. Here we come!

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