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Saturday Sweater Report: Week 3

Well, it doesn’t look any different, I’m sure, but here it is!

February Lady Sweater, after three weeks of knitting
February Lady Sweater, after three weeks of knitting

This is the February Lady Sweater, after three mostly slow-but-steady weeks of knitting.

I did at least get the second buttonhole done today! That was my knitting goal, and I actually made it for once. The second one doesn’t look quite as wonky as the first, but I still can’t help feeling that my buttonholes are just weird. I think I’m more excited about this sweater now because I’m thinking so much about my next one. Yet, I know this one still has miles to go…

Perhaps I’ll feel better after I divide for the sleeves. It’s just that I have miles and miles (and miles!) of garter stitch to go before then. Sigh…

44 Sweaters

As if the thought of doing one sweater isn’t daunting enough for me, my new friend Heather told me this week about the 44 Sweaters Project. “Artmama” is doing 44 sweaters and donating them to charity in honor of our 44th President, Barack Obama. Some others have heard about the project and have donated some sweaters in support of the project. How cool is that? Check it out! The sweaters are looking gorgeous.

I knit so slowly and so seldom (I try to get in a few minutes each day, but sometimes it really is only a few!) that I’ve had a hard time making things for others. I’ve done a few hats and one baby blanket for others, but to be my honest, selfish self I very rarely knit for others. I probably would do more charity knitting or gift knitting if I ever felt like I finished anything, but my FO’s are few and far between!

What about you? Do you knit for yourself, or for others most often? And if you do knit for charity, let me know and I’ll post about the project sometime soon.

Ciao for now! Off to pay bills. Argh.

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