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Knitting with Cat Hair

Tegan likes to help with the knitting
Tegan likes to help with the knitting
Yesterday I posted on my Facebook Profile that I was wondering how to distract my 16-year-old, nearly blind kitty from wanting to “help” so much with the knitting. One of my friends then asked, “Doesn’t that mean you’re getting cat hair all over your silk yarn?”

Wait. Are you telling me that not ALL knitting comes with cat hair? Silly me! I thought this was par for the course. Cats have a knack for finding the knitting, wherever it happens to be. Why, I’ve even heard of people who don’t even have cats that somehow find their yarn to be a cat magnet! (Ok, not really.)

The truth is that I don’t mind having my cats nearby when I’m knitting. Except when they get on top of my yarn, thereby making it hard for me to pull more yarn from the ball. Or the time when Zoe, my 17-year-old Blue Maine Coon, managed to unravel an entire ball of yarn all over our apartment when she was a kitten. (I didn’t own a camera then, so just trust me when I say it was the biggest mess of yarn I’ve EVER had to clean up.)

So, I don’t mind finding the occasional stripey cat hair in whatever I might be working on. When I do, it says, “Tegan was here.” Knowing that her remaining days are fewer than I’d like to think, this somehow brings comfort to me. I know I’ll be finding evidence that Tegan was here for many years to come.

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4 responses to “Knitting with Cat Hair”

  1. kch Avatar

    Wow, I thought all knitting came with white dog fur…you mean it doesn’t? 😉

  2. bevsyarncrazy Avatar

    I miss having a furry friend’s tell-tale signs in my knitting or crocheting. Heck, when I had long hair I was always finding my own hair woven into whatever I was making. I’ve seen the pics of your finished objects and they are beautiful, cat hair and all!

  3. Marty Avatar

    Yeah, I’m the lady picking white dog hair out of my knitting! Oh well, wouldn’t give up the dog!

  4. sheilah Avatar

    Haha! I have long hair, two cats and a dog. I think there is enough household hair/fur in my knitting that I may be legal required to change the fiber content information about my yarn.

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