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February Lady Sweater Week One Report

Sweater after one week of kntting
Sweater after one week of kntting
So this is what my February Lady Sweater looks like after just one week. On the one hand, it might not look like much, but on the other, you gotta remember that I am the self-professed slowest knitter in the world. So actually, this measly couple of inches is a huge feat for me.

Have I mentioned how nice the Tess Yarns raw silk feels in my hands?? Oh gosh. It’s cool like cotton, but squishier. I just love it. Perhaps that’s why my progress has been so good this week. I can’t get enough of holding this yarn in my hands. I’m still not taking bets on how long it’s going to take me to get this sweater done. Probably many months. Maybe I’ll wear it to NEXT year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. (You know? I’ve never worn one of my own hand knit creations there. Someday I’ll have to make something appropriate for warm May weather, with the festival in mind.)

My first buttonhole
My first buttonhole
So here’s my first buttonhole. See? It looks a little funny. But I don’t think anyone will really notice, especially since the buttons themselves will be likely covering the buttonholes up.

This morning I got up early, donned my “knitting uniform,” which today consists of my Ravelry hoodie and a mint green-colored t-shirt (Ravelry colored!), and prepared to sit and knit while listening to the new episode of Cast On. DH and Her Highness the Tween went to skating lessons and BoyZilla had a breakfast date with the grandparents. I was so looking forward to having the house all to myself. Next thing I knew, they were all coming home! Dang. I fell asleep and missed my “me” time. It’s pretty gray and icky today and I’ve been having trouble staying awake all day. Oh well, I guess some days are just like that.

So, what are YOU doing this weekend? Anything fun planned?

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Listen to this article

4 responses to “February Lady Sweater Week One Report”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Hey Trish! I am doing the FLS, too. I absolutely hated doing this part of the sweater because it took forever! Love the color! I’ll post what I have soon.


  2. cici Avatar

    this is great. My sister just started FLS too. What a great blog you have here?

  3. Daniele Avatar

    It’s coming along great! I had to put mine aside to finish birthday projects, but should be getting back to it soon. You will love the lace pattern!! Very easy to remember.

  4. Marie Avatar

    I started a February Lady Sweater last year, then had to frog it, and never got around to starting it again. I should dig that out again. I think you’re right about the button hole not really noticeable after you have the button in front.

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