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Can you believe it?? It’s DONE!

Trish with navy blue yarn all balled up
Trish with navy blue yarn all balled up

I spent nearly all week working on the first of three balls of navy blue silk yarn, and I finally felt like I hit a breakthrough late last night, so stayed up way too late winding yarn. Then, by this afternoon, with help from the kids (who find my ball winder to be most fascinating) the first ball was done. Then this afternoon my good friend Steve came over and asked me why my ball winder and swift were out, and I showed him the remaining two hanks. Next thing I know, he had the twisted mass of yarn all straightened out and ready to go on my swift, and so the second ball went much quicker!

Trish winding yarn
Trish winding yarn

Once Steve got it all figured out about which end was which, after a few times of untwisting the yarn from around the hank it was actually pretty smooth going. I sometimes wonder if it’s my eyesight and perhaps I can’t see where the yarn is going, so I set it up wrong in the first place? I don’t know… but Steve was able to get it all sorted out, so the rest of the yarn got balled up today! Yay!

Yarn on jumbo ball winder
Yarn on jumbo ball winder

I actually love my ball winder. It’s the Jumbo Ball Winder by Strauch. I got it last year at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and I have loved it! It was so worth the money to have something so sturdy. I got it because even though it comes with a clamp to clamp it to a table, it’s not 100% necessary to use the clamp, as long as you don’t wind it at breakneck speed. All of my tables have aprons under the table top so none of the ball winder clamps work on my tables anyway. So this one is good and sturdy and as you can see, it winds HUGE balls!

After I did the second ball, my mom and Tony showed up and prepared dinner, so Steve settled on the floor to tackle the third ball:

Steve winds the yarn
Steve winds the yarn

Next thing I know, BoyZilla wanted to take a turn on the ball winder:

BoyZilla and Steve wind the yarn
BoyZilla and Steve wind the yarn

So, the yarn has been conquered and tamed into balls, and soon it will be on its way to becoming the February Lady Sweater.

This week… I swatch.

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

6 responses to “Victory!”

  1. Brooklynne Avatar

    WOW congratulations! the yarn looks fabulous I can’t wait to see your Feb Lady Sweater… I think I might actually bite the bullet and make one for myself I have been avoinding it cause it’s soooo popular

  2. erin's artsy crafty side Avatar


    And yeah, those are GIGANTIC balls of yarn.

  3. Marie Avatar

    That looks like fun. I’ve started collecting hanks of sock yarn, so I’ve been thinking about a swift and ball winder more and more. I’ve never seen a ball winder like yours that sits on the table. I really like this design! (cuz I also don’t know where I would clamp one) I couldn’t get the ball winder link to work though.

  4. dina Avatar

    The yarn is awesome! Color is beautiful, texture is wonderful. The balls are huge! I’m glad you persevered through the yarn winding troubles…it was worth it, that’s for sure.

    And I totally understand why you’d feel all crabby but I promise you, your mood wasn’t all that evident at group. You were just less your smiley self.

    Thanks for the picture taking, as always, and apologies again for my bad modeling ways!

  5. Susie Avatar

    That yarn looks fabulous! It looks like you guys actually had fun winding yarn. A first! In my house it would be anyway.

  6. Chris Avatar

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful video and photos you posted on the jumbo yarn winder. This morning I was trying to wind a wonderful hank of yarn and ran out of room on my current winder. Upon stumbing across your web site / blog I am convinced that this is the way to go and contacted Stauch to get my own jumbo winder.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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