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Little Knitterly Things

stitch markers, double-ended crochet hooks, and colorful wooden buttons
stitch markers, double-ended crochet hooks, and colorful wooden buttons
I know I’ve said it before, that little things make me happy? Well, this week’s parcel post was no exception! Knit Picks has recently introduced their own line of knitting do-dads, and I happen to have the philosophy that one can never have too many knitting tools!

Most exciting for me is this little collection of double-ended crochet hooks. These little babies will be perfect for picking up all those dropped stitches. (Who, me? Drop a stitch? Pshaw, those things will never see the light of day! Uh-huh.) As sentimental as I am about my trusty red crochet hook, these will be handy to have with all the sizes I would need in half as many hooks. Not a bad deal!

The stitch markers are my favorite style, the rubberized kind. I find that these leap away from me a little less often than some of the other types, and I use them for almost all of my knitting projects. They also have locking stitch markers, split ring markers, and jump rings. Each of these is good for its own purpose and I am sure that eventually they all will find their way into my knitting bag.

The buttons are made from the same wood as the Harmony Needles. Oh my, they are pretty pretty! My heart goes all a-flutter at the very sight of these. I bought 8 each of the two styles shown here. I’m pretty sure I’m going to put the toggle-style buttons on a future February Lady Sweater. In fact, I love these buttons so much that I want to cast on for it like, NOW. But alas, I shall wait for the weekend. I have lots of yarn to ball up for it first.

Knit Picks has introduced lots of other tools at great prices, including a ball winder, blocking tiles, blocking wires, and lots of other stuff. And all at great prices, per the Knit Picks tradition. Oh, and have you seen their gorgeous new yarn? I’m surprised none of it has followed me home yet.

There’s plenty of time for that…

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Listen to this article

2 responses to “Little Knitterly Things”

  1. erin's artsy crafty side Avatar

    While I was waiting (practically forever) for the comment input field to load, I noticed that you have the same tablecloth that my mom has. It’s not like I have found memories of the tablecloth itself, but realizing that brought back some warm fuzzy family feelings (how’s that for alliteration).

    Anyways, I am a bamboo needle fanatic ALL THE WAY. I’ve been ordering them from eBay, because I can snag a whole set (12 sizes) for about the same cost as 2 individual sets at Walmart. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which way to go. I got 4 sets of circulars – I have my reasons – and a set of 9″ straights in the mail on Tuesday. It was like Christmas and my Birthday all at once.

  2. Jadielady Avatar

    *enable enable* Also, I got an email from Knit Picks saying they’re having a huge sale. Sock Blockers, Blocking Wires… lots of neat accessories way cheaper than usual.

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