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Why I’m Not Into Holiday Knitting

school spirit hat in progress
school spirit hat in progress

Here’s the proof. This is why I don’t do holiday knitting, or occasion knitting in general. It’s been a month and a half since I started this hat, and I’m still working on it. Yes, this has been my main project in most of this time. I’ve done a stitch here and there on a couple of things, but nothing else to write home about. If Christmas depended on my knitting? Christmas would just never come.

But hey! I made a milestone on the hat today. I am on the ribbing! I asked my daughter to try it on and it is just about the perfect size. I am not going to do a very deep rib, because it doesn’t need one. Then the last thing will be to add the words, “Lady Hawks” to the white band in duplicate stitch.

I started feeling stressed about all there is to do over the next several weeks, and I made myself stop and knit for a bit instead. It helped. Now, if only I could teach my DH to knit… We’re seriously behind. No decorations are up and ready. The shopping’s about done, which I guess is a good thing! But I think it remains to be seen whether we will have outdoor lights or Christmas cards mailed before Inauguration Day. And you know what? I’m going to do my best not to care.

I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be a long, cold winter here. It is unseasonably winter-like for this early in December and we even had some snow yesterday. The wind has been cold and biting. Perhaps I should start a countdown calendar for Spring. I’m so ready already!

Hopefully I’ll write again soon. If not, you’ll probably find me buried under a pile of unopened ornaments somewhere.

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Listen to this article

2 responses to “Why I’m Not Into Holiday Knitting”

  1. Ceci Avatar

    LOL I’m so feeling ya.

  2. Pat Avatar

    I’m a firm believer that you should only participate in the Christmas tradtions you really want to and if I find thinking about Christmas decorations or baking or shopping makes me really stressed- then I give myself permission to not do them. By all means, knit instead. Let the decorations hang themselves!

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