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Great Group Today!

Today was knit group at the Borders in Bowie. And, despite the crappy weather, or perhaps because of it, we had the biggest turnout ever! I think all of the “regulars” were there, plus we welcomed several new folks… including Tammy and Pam. At one point the only partly cloudy skies opened up and delivered a fast and heavy downpour! It was ok, though, because we were treated to a lovely rainbow afterward.

Knitting is so much fun when you do it among friends, though I do admit that not much knitting was done on my part! The theme of the day was Show and Tell. Several of us brought some of our booty from Stitches, and Jo brought her weaving projects from her recent weaving class. They were amazing! And the yarns passed around were yummy. I wanted to take them all home with me.

Here’s a gallery of photos from today’s fun. As usual, click on the photo to enlarge it and read more details about each one.

Today Lola brought her copy of Sweater 101, which is a timeless classic in sweater making. I do think I’m going to have to get one. It is available now as a hard bound book and an e-book, which I think is a FABULOUS idea since the book is chock full of worksheets that one can just print out and add notes and details to it. I think this is going on my Christmas list for sure, as is the Rio bag by Jordana Paige, in eggplant, of course.

All for now, I think I am about to turn into a pumpkin. Happy knitting!

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One response to “Great Group Today!”

  1. Pam Avatar

    Had a terrific time and enjoyed meeting other knitters from Bowie. Definitely plan to come back in Dec.!

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