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FO Report: Yet Another Hat

Yet Another Hat completed
Yet Another Hat completed

Project Name: Yet Another Hat
Source: Lifestyle Top Down Hats, No Swatch Needed
Yarn Used: Noro Kureyon
Needle Size: 4 (!)
Date Started: September 20, 2008
Date Completed: October 12, 2008

Notes: I don’t have much to add here, except that I like this one best so far of the three that I have tried to do. Still I feel that I am on a quest for the perfect hat for me. Haven’t quite gotten there yet, though. But I know who this hat will be perfect for. Shhhh…. I’m not telling.

New Project

Recently I started knitting the Hypoteneuse Wrap:

Hypoteneuse wrap just begun
Hypoteneuse wrap just begun

As you can see there’s not much to see yet. I’m hoping it’ll be done for Christmas.

For some reason, I still feel pretty crappy. I’ve been fighting a bit of an infection for a couple of weeks and this one I think is taking the wind out of my sails. Sorry I’ve been so scarce lately. It has been hard to blog when I can barely keep my eyes open. Hopefully soon it’ll be back to normal around here.

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