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Fixing a cable

cable stitches transferred to cable needle
cable stitches transferred to cable needle

The cable needles I was waiting for arrived yesterday so this morning before work I set out to try to fix the dropped stitches in my baby sweater. I tried to video the process but wouldn’t you know, the batteries died in the camera before I could get it all down. So, I got a few photos, but not too many. Sorry! I’ll try to do better at documenting my next major knitting F-up. K? So in this first shot here is the cable needle, holding the stitches of the dropped cable.

Next, I’m showing you the ladders created when I unraveled the cable stitches. I’m going to pretend that each strand is like a little ball of yarn and knit from it. I will use the strands from bottom to top. Picking up the bottom strand, knitting the cable stitches onto a second cable needle, then sliding the second needle so that the stitches are ready to be knit again on the next strand, etc. until all of the stitches are knit back up. I did have to do a cable cross on the third strand up from the bottom, but it was pretty ok.

here are the strands I\'m going to knit from
here are the strands I’m going to knit from

In the photo below, the cable is all re-knit and looking almost good as new. My eyelets on either side of the cable look a little wonky but I am going to try to not worry about it so much because I can’t quite figure out how to smooth it all over. Sigh. It’s not perfect but better than it was, for sure.

cable after being reknit
cable after being reknit

And here I am, happily knitting after having fixed the cable. Soon, I really will be able to put the sleeve stitches on holders and knit the rest of the body. I’m looking forward to being done with this sweater so I can move on to the matching hat and socks.

me, happily knitting on baby sweater after cable stitches are fixed
me, happily knitting on baby sweater after cable stitches are fixed

Until next time…

4 responses to “Fixing a cable”

  1. kch Avatar

    Nice job! Cable are particularly hard to fix without ripping back, IMO – but you mastered it!

  2. Jaime Avatar

    Great job, Looks like it went *mostly* smoothly for you! I just had to do this on a sock, and it was… trying lol. Mine has a little stress in the stitches on either side of the cross too but it’s not too bad.

  3. Beverly Avatar

    You are amazing! When I grow up as a knitter, I want to be like you.

    By the way, TAG, your it. You have been tagged and if you want to see what to do, just check out my blog. 🙂

  4. WackyLisa Avatar

    You did a great job with the fix.
    When I’ve had to fix cables + eyelets it’s always looked wonky until I washed it or otherwise blocked it. Or that’s what DH tells me.

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