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The Return of the Sock Toe

sock toe in progress
sock toe in progress

After last week’s fiasco with my cabled baby sweater, I decided to put it down for a few days. So I re-cast on my toe up sock on Sunday, and look how far I’ve gotten already! I’ve decided that I don’t like knitting on size zero needles. I’m going to have to try my next pair on something slightly larger. But for this pair, I think I do need the 0’s, so the yarn overs won’t be any bigger than they already are.

Hopefully I can make some good progress on this sock this week. It would be nice to say that I made something for myself that I can wear. Here it is, almost August, and I’m still working on the toe of my first sock for Summer of Socks 08. Told you… I’m the slowest knitter in the world.

4 responses to “The Return of the Sock Toe”

  1. claire Avatar

    Hi there, Plurk-sib, cool sock toe! I used to think 0s were so tiny too, and sometimes, yeah I just love some sport weight and a big ol’ needle. But man, it just makes the yummiest fabric that lasts forever when you are done. Nice yarn too! My favorite color. good job!

  2. Stacey Avatar

    I just used size 0 for the first time – it does make a nice fabric! I like that yarn, especially the colour! 😀

  3. Natalie Avatar

    I know how you feel about the size 0 needles. I only use them for baby socks. Fortunately, my gauge generally allows for size 2 with fingering weight. See you around Plurk!

  4. tata Avatar

    Love the colors! I can’t knit on 2s, let alone 0s… yet! Good luck!

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