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Sock Toe Progress

beanie baby bear wearing sock toe in progress as a hat

Just a quick post so I can make notes on my sock in progress, so I can replicate it for the second one. (No, I’m not into two at once. Most knitting gets done in the car, where it’s too hard to wrangle two balls of yarn in my purse.)

I increased from 8 stitches on each needle to 28 stitches on each needle. I am doing the Toe Up Monkey Sock pattern, and to do two full repeats on the top of the foot I would need at least 32 stitches on each needle. since my foot is so small I’m going to try one repeat up the center of the foot and see how that works, and then increase at the ankle to compensate (my ankles are fatter anyway so my theory is that this should work).

Anyway it is very late here so I had to stop after round 3 of the pattern and will pick up with round 4 tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will look cute when it starts to come together! Wish me luck…

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  1. Knittyknatty Avatar

    Good luck with the socks! 🙂

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