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Something I Noticed at Knitting Group Today

Everyone was knitting socks:

group of hands all knitting socks

Even me!

me knitting toe of sock

And the thing is, even though we were all knitting socks, we were all doing it differently. Shelley was knitting top down on DPNs. Lola, who happened to be knitting way cool purple socks, was doing top down on two circulars. Rhoda was doing a second striped sock top down on magic loop. And me? I’m doing one toe up on magic loop. Isn’t it great how the same thing can be done in so many marvelous ways? That’s the coolest thing about knitting to me. I’ve learned that there’s no right or wrong. I don’t have to be concerned that my hands won’t work a certain way to use this certain tool or that certain method. There’s always another way. And that’s cool!

Shelley and Lola

Shelley and Lola both like spinning and had lots to talk about. Lola reported that she just got a new spinning wheel.

Lola and Rhoda

Rhoda knits away on her second striped sock. Looks like she’ll be done soon!

I of course could not get out of the store without buying another book. More on that tomorrow.

2 responses to “Something I Noticed at Knitting Group Today”

  1. Opal Avatar

    I think it’s wonderful that there are so many techniques out there for knitting socks these days! Variety is the spice of life. 😀

  2. Miss 376 Avatar

    and everyone has their own knitting style too, the way they hold the needles and yarn. Also with casting on, and yet, the end result is beautiful whatever the method used

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