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Book Review: Afghans and Throws

I just got the book, Afghans and Throws, by Luise Roberts, in the mail this week. Oh my GOSH it has been ages since I have waited for a book so impatiently! This is my kind of knitting book. It doesn’t so much give directions for specific afghans, as it does give you tons of ideas for great afghans. Anyone who can knit can knit a big rectangle, right? Well, this one gives you ideas on how to plan that rectangle, from how to create random stripes that really aren’t so random, to planning the size of your afghan, to planning the shapes and colors that will make up your finished piece.

There is a fair bit of crochet in this book, so if you’re put off by that don’t buy it. I had hoped for a little less crochet, but some of the joining methods described for joining squares or panels are genius and worth having the whole book just for that. If you’re a creative knitter who doesn’t mind knitting really big rectangles, but wants to get inspired to make your rectangles unique and fun, this book is for you. Go get one! I know I’m going to be using mine lots.

Onto another subject, tomorrow is my monthly knitting group and I am excited. I’m really looking forward to sitting and knitting with everyone. See you then!

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