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Not Too Hot for a Knitting Day

winding the yarnbarf into a ball

It is uncharacteristically hot for this early in June in these parts, and some folks on some of my knitting groups are complaining about how it’s too hot to knit. No! It’s not! I can attest to that. My Bowie group met today for our usual first Saturday of the month meetup. And it was such a good time that most folks stayed beyond the two hours I usually allot.

Lissa came all the way from the other side of the Potomac to help me untangle my yarn woes! And she stayed at it for about three hours, too. Amazing! The hank was in such a mess though, I’m sorry to say, that even after all that, it still wasn’t done. Oh my, why am I so clumsy with my yarn? Not to worry, though… my dear friend Rhoda volunteered to take it home and keep winding. (She said her daughter actually likes to do these things… I don’t get it, but more power to her!

Speaking of Rhoda:

knitting a sock

She’s back! After having foot surgery a couple of months ago she was finally able to join us again. Rhoda is my main knitting buddy and I have sorely missed getting together with her, as we have somehow managed to do every couple of weeks over the last couple of years. Here she is knitting a sock from some Opal yarn that I covet!

yvonne knitting shell top

This is Yvonne, our newcomer for this month. She is a wonderful teacher of amazing second graders, and she is making the fabulous Frock Camisole
from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits. Lissa, who had showed Yvonne how to pick up stitches without a crochet hook, really coveted the yarn, which I forget what it is. Yvonne returned the favor by showing Lissa how to do a gusset in the tank top she’s working on (demonstrating with Rhoda’s sock). Aren’t knitters great? This is one of my favorite parts of knitting group–that everyone learns from each other.

jo knitting socks from her own handspun

Jo came along and was knitting away on a purple sock (which I, as a lover of all things purple, drooled over). We all practically squealed when she said that the yarn was her own handspun. It was surely gorgeous! Spinning is something that eludes me but I admire people who can do it! Go, Jo!


And this is Marie, who brought along a baby sweater and hat that she was working on with some red and white yarn. We all agreed that it would make an ideal Christmas sweater. Now Marie just has to meet some lucky baby to give it to!

We survived the scorcher of an afternoon with good friends, good air conditioning, and plenty of slushy cold drinks from the coffee shop. I already can’t wait until we meet again.

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