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first pair of socks finishedOk, seriously? It’s like, after midnight here and I really should be in bed, but… LOOK! My first socks are DONE! Can you believe it? I know I can’t!

Ok, so they’re a little big, and pretty ugly, but you know what? Now I know how socks are made! I have the power! Ok, I’m punchy. Did I mention it’s after midnight?

I haven’t knit much or been on the internet over the last couple of days. Bad storms knocked out our power, and took out the cable for even longer. I’m fine with my knitting, but after dark when the power’s out, I really feel my age. There was a time when I could have knit by flashlight, but I guess those days are a thing of the past. So it took me the last two days to do a half a row on the second sock and then the sewn bind off.

The pattern for the socks was Two Toe-Up Socks on One Circular Needle, by Kristin Bellehumeur, a.k.a., “Silver”. Only I did one sock at a time, knowing that it’s hard to manage two balls of yarn when most of my knitting takes place in the car and the yarn ball is in my purse at my feet. I pretty much followed the pattern as written (except for the two socks part!) and did 36 rounds for the foot and 25 rounds for the ribbing. They’re for the daughter, but because they’re big, they actually fit the husband as well, who has requested a pair with a longer, tighter cuff. Oh, and machine washable. That’s a biggie. So I’ll be making him some “sleeping socks” out of worsted weight superwash wool in the near future. He’ll be getting some for Christmas, I think. The guy is even wearing his sleeping socks to bed right now, and it was 90 degrees today. (TMI? Ok but I’m just sayin’. The guy likes his socks!)

My next socks will be muuuuuuuuuch smaller. I plan to spend most of the summer focusing on baby things. Oh, and there’s that brown ripple afghan on the sofa that needs to be finished. Wish me luck!

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  1. Harriet Avatar

    Trish, how didn’t I know that you had a blog? Great Socks!!!! So, are you a converted sock knitter?

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