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Practice Makes…. Better!

This afternoon, DH took little man to a birthday party in Virginia. It left daughter and I on our own for dinner, and I decided that we would have an easy time of it and order pizza. She grabbed my bag when the Pizza Man knocked, and when reaching for my wallet to hand it to me, accidentally grabbed the sock that was in there, too, and pulled the stitches off the needle.

After dinner I set about fixing it, only I could not put the sock back down! And before I knew it, I had turned my second heel ever:

Second Sock, left side of heel

Second Sock, right side of heel

I am quite pleased that the results are much improved over my first heel:

closeup of short row heel stitches

I was so worried I guess about not being able to find the wraps (they’re hard for me to see, especially with dark yarn) that on the first sock I wrapped a little too loosely. Which, I think, is why the heel of my first sock looks, well, holey. Second sock is not perfect, by a long shot, but much better. Now I can’t wait to do this sock thing with actual sock yarn.

Which brings up the subject of today’s transgression. Perceptive readers might notice that my Yarnaholic Meter was reset to Zero today. It’s because I couldn’t resist buying some Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in babyish colors for the impending baby in yesterday’s post. I got three colorways: Spumoni, Peacock, and Pumpkin. I am planning baby hats and socks all around, and if I get adventurous, maybe some baby jackets. We’ll see about that.

Tomorrow I’ll start the cuff on my sock. For now, it’s back to the brown ripple afghan… Ciao!

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  1. Jessica/TopazGirl Avatar

    Oooh, the purple sock is lovely! I’m LOLing at your reset yarn meter, as I had to do the same thing, not even 24 hours after declaring my own yarn diet. My downfall was browsing at Webs, which I’d never done before. Oops! 🙂

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