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It’s Not Pretty, But…

I turned my first heel!

sock on the needles with heel side showing

I didn’t think doing short rows would be too hard to figure out because I’ve played with them a bit before. Here’s the front side showing:

sock on the needles with front side showing

closeup of short row heel stitches
One thing I’m not happy about is that my short row shapings look big and bulky. Maybe they’re too loose. I don’t know. I was a bit afraid of wrapping my wraps too tight; I’ve done this in the past and I couldn’t hook the wraps on my needles. So I made sure not to wrap too tight this time, but I may have overcompensated. Anyway, I think the stitches look sloppy and I can’t wait to practice on my next sock til I figure this out. Thank goodness they come in pairs; I’ve got another attempt waiting for me very soon.

Now to finish the cuff.

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  1. Patricia Harper Avatar

    Your stitches look very familiar! I think I have a sock going with the same shaping! I tried a different technique on the short row than I did on the first sock.
    Instructions I had were to pick up the wraps on the knit side, but leave them on the purl side. The stitches on the purl side look a lot neater.

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