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Spoke Too Soon!

Comfy yarn closeup

The other day I mentioned that I was disappointed with the color of the Knit Picks Comfy Yarn in the deep purple shade. Well, yesterday I had the chance to play with it a little and I have changed my mind! I cast on for a wrap from Amy Singer’s new book (more on that soon) and it is GOR-geous! I don’t know why I said that I didn’t like the color before except that the lighting in my house can sometimes play tricks on my eyes.

I happened to be in the car when I cast on so the yarn was in sunlight. And wow, the color was great! I adjusted my camera when taking this picture to approximate what I saw. My sample is two strands held together on big needles. This yarn is so soft and squishy! I think I am already in love.

If I have any complaints I can say that the yarn picks up lint really quick! I don’t quite get it, but oh well… it feels great and there’s not enough acrylic in it to give me that sticky feeling in my hands as I knit with it. I think I am going to love knitting by the pool with this yarn all summer.

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