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Ripple Update

Ripple blanket update

What can I say?? I’m still knitting on the same thing… the Many Hands, Big Heart Afghan. I’ve had a few more people knit on it this week and so I am very pleased with the level of participation I’ve received. One of the guest knitters commented on Monday that the recipient is really going to love it. Yes, he’s right. Brown is her color.

I can tell though that I have a huge case of Knitter’s ADD. I feel like I’m knitting and knitting and knitting, but I have done less than 6 inches in the last three weeks. Which is sucky considering that I am using size 11 needles. I’ve been spending way too much time on Ravelry, looking in other people’s project logs and planning and dreaming about the things I’d like to make. Too much time on the computer, not enough time with the needles. It’s a question of simple math. I’d better get clacking.

Speaking of Math…

navy blue tessyarn raw silk

Last week when I was photographing my stash, I came across this yarn that I purchased last year at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It’s TessYarns Raw Silk in a deep, navy blue colorway. I bought three large, 900-yard hanks, with the plan to knit my first sweater. Right now I’m envisioning something with three-quarter length sleeves and a big cable around the neck. Maybe something with a sort of empire waist and smocky-shaped. Something that doesn’t cling to me, but doesn’t look like a maternity top. I’m dreaming….

All for now…

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  1. knittyknatty Avatar

    Take heart! The blanket will get finished… It takes a lot of stamina, I think, to knit a full-size blanket. I’ve yet to attempt that, although I have knit a baby blanket…

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