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OOOOOOh, Shine-y

Shine YarnOk, when is it too much? I do think I am addicted to KnitPicks Shine yarn. When I was reading the KnitPicks Lover’s board on Ravelry the other day, someone mentioned that certain colors were being discontinued. You can guess it took me all of about 30 SECONDS to surf on over and pick up TWENTY balls of one of my favorite colors–Crocus. Not that I have anything specific in mind to do with it at the moment, but you know how it is when it’s on sale! Irresistible. I probably have enough to make myself some kind of top and have some left over, but time will tell what I do with it.

Blankie Update

Three more rows. Then I’m done. Just sayin’…

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  1. Joyce Betz Avatar
    Joyce Betz

    I’m new to this, so bear with me….I didn’t know how to email you, so I am leaving a comment….I love your fancy cabled braided scarf and am thinking of making it with a yarn I received in a Christmas exchange….Malabrigo (worsted) 216 yards. Recommends size 7-9 needles….I wasn’t sure if this would be enough, since you don’t specify and dimensions…Also, your cables & eyelets scarf. I love both of them….


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