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Shine Overboard

shine yarn colors arranged in a color wheel

Well, today my Shine Yarn from KnitPicks finally arrived. Wowwww, what a lot of yarn! I saw the Flower Power Baby Hat in Knitty this week and I am in love! The color possibilities are endless! I think I am going to try a couple of those. Then I have this book called 1000 Great Knitting Motifs and it is generating lots of ideas.

I want to make a couple of hats for my mom and this yarn seems soft enough that it won’t hurt her sensitive head. The chemo is over now, but it has been rough on her and I think it will be a couple of months before she’s back to her old self.

Would I be bragging too much if I said how much I am loving Ravelry? I’m tellin’ you, it’s like a drug. I can’t stop poking around and looking at people’s projects. I am also enjoying the huge sense of community there and I am loving all of the resources I can find with just a few clicks. My favorite thing? Say I like a project, like the aforementioned Flower Power hat. All I have to do is enter that project into my queue and it finds all of the other people who are making it or who have made it already. COOL. It’s a great way to get new ideas.

Pretty Needles

knitpicks harmony needle tips size 4

Lookie what I got with my yarn! I’ve been waiting to get these <a mce_thref=” />Harmony needles and give them a spin. More on these later, I suppose. Yes, I know I said I’d have to wait for Christmas, but you know, I just had to have wooden needles for that slick cotton yarn! Right? A necessity! A lot of the commonly used sizes are on backorder already. This is what I could get for now, but I think it will do the trick.

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