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Must. Restrain. Self. NOW!

Knitpicks harmony needles

Have you SEEN these? These are the new Knit Picks Options Harmony Needles. I just can’t believe how beautiful they are. You might have heard by now that I love rainbow-y, colorful-y things? Help me! (Oh, and see how pointy-licious they are? Wow…)

I have already asked for these for Christmas. Until then I must maintain my resolve and NOT be tempted to buy!

I already love my KnitPicks Metal Needles, so much so that they are probably my favorite needles of all. But wow. Colorful? AND wooden? You know, there are times when slick, metal needles are just too slippery. So, I NEED these, right? Oh, yessssssssssssssssssss…

I shall wait. Until Christmas. Christmas is good.

Meanwhile I will continue slogging away on my rainbow stripey baby blanket. I’m so close to being done on my main knitting that I can taste it. I’m in the middle of my second-to-last stripe, and then I have to weave in the ends! Then there’s the question of the border. should it have one, or should I leave it? I don’t know that I have decided for sure either way yet.

Happy knitting weekend!

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