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Earning My Badge!

trish knits in tomorrowland

See? Here I am, knitting in TomorrowLand of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. I had this one ball of yarn with me everywhere I went, and believe me, people giggled when they saw me knitting in the nearly 100-degree heat! I was practicing the Flame Chevron stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and yes, on many occasions I found myself talking to people about how, yes, you really can knit anywhere! And I did! My knitting helped me to maintain my sanity while waiting in long lines, or while waiting for people who were waiting in long lines. Isn’t that what Disney is about… lots of waiting? Haha. I didn’t mind one bit!

(This pic was actually taken on August 20, 2007.) I hope to have more real time knitting content to share before the weekend is up!)

One response to “Earning My Badge!”

  1. rita Avatar

    Hey, no fair!!! Well, really, I’m glad that you were able to get your needles into the Magic Kingdom. My daughter works for WDW and told me that she was pretty sure that the needles would be taken away when we went through security (in July), so I didn’t take my knitting with me. How I wanted photos of my socks at the Magic Kingdom!!!

    Hmmmm, I’m heading back to Orlando to visit them tomorrow; we’ll be at the MK on Friday and Saturday……. Should I attempt it? What kind of reception did you get from security???

    It’s so good to have a family member who works there!!!

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