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Wow, Lookie What I Got!

Purple striped afghan with photo of woman holding baby inset into the corner

Today at work I received a surprise gift from a fellow fiber lover! Jonni mostly does lovely, delicate needle work, but she used to be an avid crocheter. She said she was going through some boxes in her house, and came across this afghan, and well, because it was purple, it just had to be mine! Wow. We just moved into a new office building and the general consensus is that the temperature is freezing cold. I guess it could be my abundance of self, or perhaps my middle-aged internal thermometer, but the cool air conditioning is a welcome change for me! Still, I plan to keep this gem thrown over a chair in my office. What a lovely, purple-y gift!

I photographed it from the vertical angle but the rows go in the horizontal direction, I think I can emulate this idea with knitting, by doing the same traveling stitch technique as in the ball band dishcloth, a la Mason-Dixon Knitting, just stair-stepping the distances of the vertically traveling stitches. I may have to try this look on a dishcloth after I finish the baby blanket.

That’s Jonni, by the way, in the corner of the photo, holding my son Steven on the day I first brought him to the office. (Steven is 5 now.) Jonni also crocheted a beautiful, white lacy baby blanket which became part of his baptismal layette. I still have it and treasure it to this day.

Thanks, Jonni! This blanket is so ME, and a wonderful addition to my office.

2 responses to “Wow, Lookie What I Got!”

  1. AlisonH Avatar

    Oh cool! What a beautiful gift! And what a lovely picture. Cool.

  2. Kim Avatar

    Lovely! What a wonderful surprise to your Monday. Hope that your Tuesday goes just as well. 🙂

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