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Wrapped in Comfort

Wrapped in Comfot Book Cover

This week I received my copy of Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls by Alison Hyde. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to “know” Alison over the last several years, thanks to the Internet, and the various mailing lists we’ve been on over time. I always love hearing her stories of her knit scarves and shawls, and how they somehow find their way to just the right person at the right time. She has a knack for that.

I’m so glad Alison wrote this book! Ok, I’m so NOT a lace knitter, but this book makes me want to try. The patterns are clearly presented in written form as well as in charts, which is great for me since I don’t do charts very well. But the cool thing about this book is that it’s not just a great collection of beautiful patterns from the heart. It’s not just a knitting book. It’s also ABOUT the knitting. Each pattern has a story, and Alison included the story of the pattern, and the person it was for, or the situation in which it was created. Not only do the shawls and scarves presented in the book wrap the recipient of the objects in comfort, but the book does this as well. It is, indeed, a “comfort read” for knitters.

Way to go, Alison! And thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your talent with the rest of us.

2 responses to “Wrapped in Comfort”

  1. AlisonH Avatar

    Wow. Thank you. That totally makes my day, you know–thank you!

  2. Ahrisha Avatar

    Oh, I got the book too and I love it. The most loved shawl for me is the Peace of Mind.
    But I really would like to spin the yarn for it so it may be some time before I get to it.
    But then again maybe I’ll just give in and make a yarn purchase. Decisions, Decisions.
    I’m still a slow spinner but my yarn is getting nicer and finer.

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