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And Barry Blows Through…

Very Easy Circular KnitsToday has been a rather blustery day as we experienced the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry. So rather than having a typical knit-by-the-pool summer afternoon, we took the kids to see Shrek the Third. Actually it was their idea to take Daddy to see Shrek for his birthday. Wasn’t that nice of them? 🙂 We’d be lying though if we did not say that we also enjoyed this latest installment from Far, Far Away. In fact, there’s plenty of humor for all age levels, and we enjoyed it a lot!

I got a new book this week! It’s Very Easy Circular Knits: Simple Techniques and Step-by-Step Projects for the Well-Rounded Knitter by Betty Barnden. It’s a combination beginning knitting/learn circular knitting book, and a cool project book too. I think even if you’d never knit a stitch before you might be able to pick up this book and start right off as a circular knitter. Call me weird, but that’s what I did! I just love knitting in the round.

Even cooler though is the wide variety of circular projects included in this book. It touches on just about everything, from scarves and hats and bags and socks and pillows and gloves and mittens, and even sweaters. It covers color work, cables, increases and decreases, and shows with very clear pictures different types of cast ons. And that one very important thing about circular knitting that used to elude me when I started, the old “join, being careful not to twist.” There are good pictures in the book that show what this means.

I haven’t knit anything in the book yet so I don’t know if there is anything major wrong with it. The patterns may be too simplistic for some, but I think it’s a really good introduction to a lot of the really cool things that can be done with circular needles. It’s worth a look!

The KnitWiki

So I was listening to a back episode of Cast On with Brenda Dayne when she mentioned that Sarah Bradberry (whose site I adore!) has started a KnitWiki on her website. A knit-what-ee? you ask? A wiki is a community-run encylcopedia. Anyone can join the community and add to the body of knowledge, including patterns, techniques, discussion, history… you name it! With all the knowledge out there about knitting on the Internet, imagine what it would be like if all of that knowledge came together in one place?? Wow. Check it out!

My Own Knitting…

I’m still knitting away on my stripey baby blanket. Progress is slow because the stitches are so tiny! But still, I persevere. I’ll post a photo next time. Bye for now!

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