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Totally Jazzed!

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival CatalogI’m ready! I’m ready! Egad, I sound like Spongebob! Too much time watching kid shows this week during Spring Break, I guess! But hey, my Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival catalog finally came the other day, and I’m psyched! I look forward to this event all year.

Ok, so I admit it’s overcrowded. And I can’t get around everywhere in my wheelchair. And there’s no way I could ever see everything in just one day.

But, the sights! All those lovely yarns, in any type of fiber you could possibly imagine. The colors! The amazing hand painted creations! wow.

And the sounds! Ah, the sounds of sweet mountain music, of the sort that one would expect from a festival with a truly down-home air about it.

And the smells! Oh my gosh, it might sound crazy, but the lamb kabobs are delicious! And the fresh sqeezed lemonade. I’ll have to remember to bring the wet wipes, in case my hands get sticky. There will still be a zillion yarn stalls to visit after lunch.

And the animals… I love the baby lambs. Ok, so I ate lamb for lunch. But the babies are so sweet and cute I would love to take one home with me. But, my suburban sensibilities know that the Sheep and Wool Festival is fantasy land, and I don’t really live in the country.

Back down to Earth. This year’s festival is May 5 and 6 at the Howard County Fairgrounds. I’m hoping to get a group together of people from the KnitTalk Yahoo Group. Hopefully, lots of people will be there to meet and greet this year. So far, we’re planning to hook up at Noon on the 5th, place to be determined. Of course, it’s still several weeks away, so everything is subject to change. Watch this space for updates!

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