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The Little Things

note card with felted bag on itLast month I started making notecards with knitted designs on them. This one is my next attempt, and it represents a teeny tiny felted bag. I think it turned out pretty cute, and I do hope its recipient likes it! I used Knitpicks’ Memories yarn, which is a sock weight yarn that felts really nicely. Now it’s just waiting for the glue to dry, and then this little happy knitnote is on its way!

Wow! Somebody Made My Scarf!

bright yellow scarf with braided cableA lady named Jan contacted me the other day to say that she had made my Fancy Cabled Braided Scarf. This was the first thing I ever designed on my own and the first time anybody ever wrote to say they actually made one. Isn’t it pretty? I’m so happy that Jan shared this photo with me. I’ve never made another one of these since I made the first one and gave it away, but I keep promising myself that I will. I think mine will be a tube, though, which will take a LOT of yarn, but then it will be cabled on both sides. Yum.

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