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The Big Blue Snake

hat knit in the round, just started

I just cast on a couple of days ago for my next hat project, and this one has a deadline! Oh no! Deadlines spell doom for sure, but I’m gonna give it a good effort to get done in time.

Once again I am using the Fiber Trends AC-01 Hat Pattern, but for an added twist I am doing the wide brim version. I’m also not sure yet how I’m going to embellish the finished hat, whether I’m going to knit a hat band or do something with fabric or flowers or jewelry. It’s the little embellishments I do at the end that I like best, and the things that make them unique and interesting. I certainly don’t have a long time to think about it, though, so hopefully I will decide soon!

I’m also working on a knitted long stocking cap, which I am doing in a colorway that will make it look like a Santa hat. I don’t have enough of it done yet to show, but when I do have some of the cabling done I’ll snap a photo! But of course I have to finish the blue snake first! December 7 is the big day when this needs to be done. Wish me luck!

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