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Knitting a Hat!

purple hat with stripes in progressI’ve been in my knitting comfort zone the last couple of weeks with this hat project. Except this time I’m using the Fiber Trends AC-02 pattern, which uses one strand of yarn instead of two. And I modified the brim just a little in terms of the number of rows for the wide brim style. So we’ll see how the shape looks when I’m done! I’m also using the Random Stripe Generator, except I modified the number of rows needed because I decided to make my stripe section a bit narrower than I first thought I would. Right now the color combos look, um, interesting… haha! But I think when I get the top couple of layers of stripes on it will all come together nicely. My summer knitting buddy Rhoda was here yesterday and we went through my collection of hat pins and I found a cute butterfly that has a subdued green color in its wings that will go nicely.

Today is the 5th anniversary of an event that my dad attended honoring the service of the USS Canberra and all that served aboard. (My dad created that website and would be proud that it’s still going strong…) The event took place at the Australian Embassay and the President was there. He often said it was one of the best and most memorable days of his life. Little did he know that on the very next day, the whole world would change…

I miss you, Dad.

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