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Felted Hat… Sigh…

purple hat, feltedWell, here’s the hat after felting! It’s not quite what I wanted it to be but I haven’t given up hope yet! First of all, there was a rather large hole near the center of the crown at the top… I must have droped one of my K2tog’s when decreasing or something. I tried felting another piece of fabric to it but it would not stick. So then Rhoda suggested that I darn the hole, and re-felt the hat in that area. It worked! The hole is gone!

The hat overall was not felted enough at first, and I’m still not convinced that it’s small enough yet. The crown is nearly there but I don’t know what to do with the brim. It is just too floppy to hold a turned up shape like I like. I’m wondering if it will ever get firm enough, or if this is just one of the idiosyncracies of the AC-02 pattern as opposed to the AC-01. I definitely was after a chic, rolled brim, rather than a big floppy hat. Sigh… I hope I can get it to the way I want. Perhaps I should have opted for the narrow brim option, but it seemed so narrow that it practically covered the crown section in the example photo. And since I did a strioed band on the lower part of the crown, I wanted it to show!

So, I’ll be messing with this for a while yet in hopes of getting the brim firm enough to actually do something with it. Wish me luck!

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