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It Really Was Too Hot to Knit!

drop stitch dishcloth in progressI’m tellin’ ya, the last week or so has been beastly! Hence it drained my energy horribly and I literally had nothing left in me to devote to the blog. Then on Thursday of last week, when it was just too beastly to knit at the pool, Rhoda and I decided to meet in my house instead. She surprised me with two balls of cotton yarn, one Peaches & Creme and one Sugar’n Cream. In my favorite colors! I don’t think I knew before that night that Rhoda is also a fan of purple. It must be fate.

To tell you that I’m not an ouright fan of dishcloth knitting is probably an understatement. But then I got the Mason Dixon Knitting book and I knew this was something I had to try! For the life of me after reading and reading and reading the pattern, I couldn’t figure out how they got that woven potholder effect. But Rhoda was right, sometimes you just have to try something to see how it’s going to work. So she cast on for me and off I went! Duh… the effect is accomplished by carrying the same slipped stitch up for several rows. Of course it seems obvious now, but I just couldn’t have figured it out before I actually started.

I’ll get back to my Shimmer Clapotis next week. For now, this is a nice break. Thanks, Rhoda!

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