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Not Just My Grandma’s Clicky Bag!

Purple purse, purple jacket, purple hat

Yesterday I received my very own Knitter’s Satchel by Jordana Paige. One look at the color should make it obvious why I fell in love immediately; it’s a near-perfect match for the purple bomber jacket I wear for all but the very coldest days. It must have been fate that this dusky grape color would be one of the avaialable color options. (Matches my hat, too, don’tcha think?)

I’m still trying to figure out what all of the pockets, holders, and little loopy things are for. But my scarf project fits in with scads of room to spare, and I can see this bag comfortably holding all but the largest of projects. I can tell that there are tons of places to stash things such as my scissors, tape measure, darning needle, and other thingys that always get me digging through my knitting drawer. What fun.

But my favorite part? The clicky, snappy top closure that reminds me of the purses that my grandmother carried when I was a preschooler. I used to love to just sit and click her purse. Ok, I’m weird that I even remember that, but hey… it didn’t take much to amuse me. Thank you, Jordana, for making a bag that combines my loves of knitting, retro fashion, and purple… all at once!

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