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I’m Impatient!

latifa scarf with first ruffle knitted on

It’s true! I am so impatient! I couldn’t wait to make my first ruffle on the Latifa scarf. What an ordeal it turned out to be! First I had to wind my hank of Morehouse Merino yarn into a ball. Of course, I am not the most coordinated person in the world, and before I knew it my hank was a mess. It took me nearly two days to wind the ball. Then, I think I made a poor needle choice for which needle to use to pick up stitches, and it was very slippery to work with. Plus the stitches got all bunched up and crowded together as I was increasing them, and I think at times the stitches were too tight. Ugh. But here it is!! I think the varigated colors of the yarn will complement the colors of the scarf very nicely. I can tell, though, that this project may take me a while!! Maybe by next winter I’ll be able to wear it. Haha… we’ll see.

Right now I’m hoping it won’t just wind up on the UFO pile with nearly every other project I’ve ever started. I’m embarrassed to admit that in just over two years of knitting I’ve only managed to finish a couple of scarves and a few hats. Nearly everything else remiains undone… what is it with me? Perhaps it is that I am a “process” knitter, rather than a “project” knitter, which is the excuse that most knitters in my situation would use, but I gotta wonder if it is that I just have a hard time with being done and letting go of a project when it is done. Or, maybe it’s just the ADD talking, and I just don’t finish ANYTHING I start, no matter what it is! Either way, I have enough knitting books and enough yarn to last my entire life at this rate. I really should focus on getting some other stuff done. But first, I’ve got a poncho to finish… 🙂

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